Passport to Wellness™

Developed by Dr. William Gingold

What is Passport to Wellness?

Click to see a 4.5-minute Passport to Wellness Introductory Video (may take a moment to load).

Passport to Wellness™ is a comprehensive community-based screening assessment and education program for mature adults (55+).

The program is flexible and adaptable to your organization's needs and objectives. You can design a customized Passport to Wellness for your target group by selecting appropriate choices from an extensive menu of screening assessment tools and protocols.

Why use the Passport Program?

You and your organization will reap many of the following benefits when using the program:

  • Generate new referrals
  • Increase market share
  • Generate incremental revenue
  • Increase community awareness
  • Enhance public relations and image
  • Facilitate wellness promotion, risk reduction, and disease prevention for your target group
  • Empower consumers for better decision-making through education
  • Provide a fun-filled, enjoyable experience for participants
  • Benefit from a high Return-on-Investment

How Does the Passport Program Work?

The Passport to Wellness™ screening and assessment program can be implemented in a variety of ways, but it is best used in a "fair" or "expo" format. It can be used as a free-standing event or integrated within an existing senior expo or health fair (e.g., Mature Lifestyle Expo, Senior Health Fair, etc.). The written instructions provided are all-inclusive. If preferred, we can provide a turn-key version of the program.

Who Needs the Passport Program?

Any entity or organization wanting the benefits of the program can sponsor and implement the program event. The following is a small sampling of the types of entities who can sponsor and implement the program:

  • Hospitals and medical clinics
  • Health and allied health care organizations
  • Social service and mental health agencies
  • Senior services
  • Financial institutions and insurance companies
  • Community colleges and universities
  • Senior housing organizations and firms
  • Advocacy organizations
  • Appropriate others...

Where Is The Passport Program Implemented?

The program should be held in a spacious and pleasant environment sufficient in size that can comfortably accommodate 20-30 screening stations and the anticipated number of participants. Convenient parking and easy building accessibility are recommended.

When Should the Passport Program Be Held?

It is desirable to have the program event held at least bi-annually. Your target group's availability to participate should guide your decision making (e.g., for retirees 65+, 9am-3pm mid-week or Saturday; for employed individuals 55-64+, 7-9pm mid-week or 9am-noon Saturday).

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