An engaging reinforcement program to promote aging successfully

  • Reduce the incidence of falls.
  • Enhance nutritional status.
  • Improve physical functions.
  • Agencies: enhance your service image, get more referrals, and serve customers better.


  • Engage in and record weekly activities in the areas of physical activities, nutrition (food and fluid intake), and socialization
  • Receive stamps for their activities as motivational reinforcers
  • Redeem the stamps for prizes as additional reinforcers
  • Enjoy healthier lives with reduced risk of falling

The Agency

  • Recruits participants and orients them to the program
  • Performs pre-program and post-program fall-risk assessments
  • Collects weekly log data, award stamps and prizes
  • Enhances the quality of life for clients and families
  • Spreads the word about their quality and caring

The Program

  • Usually runs 6-9 months or may be ongoing
  • Has high participant compliance rate—80% or more over 6-9 months
  • Is flexible—can be changed and adapted to each different organization
  • Is simple to set up and run
  • Is low-cost—easy to attract sponsors
  • Is data-based and outcome-based, especially with fall reduction

Materials & Support Available

  • How-to manual explains how to set up/run program
  • Orientation video explains how the program works and how to conduct assessments
  • CD-ROM with worksheets templates for publicizing and running event, soliciting sponsor support, customizing materials, collecting data, etc.
  • Guidance from people experienced in Vitality in Aging implementation

Download Files

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